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Back to blogging after two long years!!

What have I been upto ?

Once I left Magarpatta(June 20, 2014), Pune, I was excited to know that I was capable of doing great work in technology. I worked on four projects at the same time, used to work with multiple managers at the same time. I learned that I can contribute to Opensource ( Openstack ). By contributing to opensource, you gain wealth of knowledge. I think if you put in one hour of your time to contribute to FOSS, you gain 10 x knowledge and exposure. As a fresh graduate from Bits Pilani Goa, it was a tremendous learning. I was talking directly to several developers, architects, industry experts, read about what companies work and their business. At that point, I got a whole new perspective of how things work in the industry, how opensource is powering the world.

Coming to present, un-employed :P :P as of June 10, 2016.

For the past 2 years, I was working as Research and Development engineer at IPsoft Labs, Bangalore.

Working there, I had got exposure to lot of new technologies and to a whole new world of Artificial Intelligence. I used to learn, program, document, test, prepare PPTS, talk to customers. I am glad now that things worked out very well that I had said 'yes' when my VP and CTO of the team said 'there is going to be a lot of work'.

I had a chance to work and learn from some of the best minds. What still amazes me is their way of thinking and how to solve a technical problem. Approach is so subtle and the steps are so comprehensive.

Right now, I am watching youtube series Deep learning tutorials and once I am done with the tutorials, I would like to share my learning here.

I have also signed up for Machine learning course at coursera taught by Andrew Ng, which is best for starters. By the end of October, I would be done with the coursework.

My next projects which I have in mind are IMDBWhatsapp, that's what my friends used to call :P. It's a andriod project on an interesting idea. I would like to apply machine learning and see how it can make it better.

Other pet projects in my mind are create a website from ground up so that I get exposure to Web development, which could be useful for freelancing in future.

That's all for today. I am trying to make blogging a habit, so that I could share my learning :)

Have a great day !!


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